ProRattaFactor Games is an independent studio dedicated to producing the best iPhone, iPad and Mac games. Our main passion is in developing retro-infused video games: In which we’ve released two versions of Touch Attack for iPhone; Ace Omicron for iPad; and Adventures of El Ballo, a retro platformer for Mac.

Here’s a little bit about the people behind our small indie game company:

Casey Gatti - producer / visual lead

Casey produces and leads the visual development of video games and interactive apps. He touches every aspect of the project from inception to completion. He even tinkers with Flash ActionScript for interface and gameplay prototyping, but never touches the mind-blowing code generated by the two individuals below.

Jake Peterson - lead programmer

Jake is an established programmer and industry veteran of game development. He also has some quite exceptional 3d modeling and design skills. Jake is the lead programmer in currently all of our iPhone, iPod touch and iPad games. In addition, he is the core developer of many of the proprietary technologies that we use to develop our iOS games.

Ivan Milles - lead programmer

Ivan hails from Stockholm, Sweden. He is the lead programmer for our retro Mac game called Adventures of El Ballo. He developed his own game engine, level editor and animation editor for the development of the project. Ivan has also released a dazzling puzzle game for Mac called “Galder.”