Adventures of El Ballo

In a nearby solar system, “Circular Assmosphere,” a trouble is brewing. The evil Doctor Cough of planet Physician is attempting to subject the planet of Testicular to a world-wide physical.

El Ballo, the most unsanitary of them all, is sent on a quest to foul up the Doctor’s sinister plans. With his faithful friends “Butts and Boobs,” El Ballo’s party is the last hope. In this story of bare necessities anything goes.


The Adventures of El Ballo

(Open the door of many possibilities in this outrageous adult spoof of old-school retro 2d platform games.)

  • Experience a mix of crazy retro 2d gaming action and puzzle-based gameplay
  • Dazzling visuals, funky sound effects, and original music score makes the world of Testicular come to life
  • Blast your enemies away with a mix of weapons
  • Unique environments and over 20+ enemies stand in your way
  • Battle cunning bosses across the journey


  • Over 500 frames of hand-drawn character animation
  • Full CD quality soundtrack
  • 28 action-packed stages
  • Gamepad support
  • Game “save” capability
  • Toggle between uncensored and “family-friendly” modes

Released September 2005 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
Published by Ambrosia, Inc