Ace Omicron

Dangers are around every corner in Ace Omicron, the ultimate iPad survival space shooter. Control Eden Jackson as she fights for existence in the hostile environment of the deep black.

She was marooned from her fleet after her hyper-drive engine malfunctioned. Now she has to travel “alone” through the long, deep breath of darkness to reach home. Her journey starts from the Omicron (the 13th star of her galaxy’s constellation). But be wary fellow traveler…the deepness of space is no friend to life.

Social Gaming fun

OpenFeint integration is here! Players can compete in ”global leader boards” and win ”achievements.” The leader boards have been split into three groups, reflective of each game mode: Hyper, Twilight, and Classic. In addition, we’ve had some fun in creating a great set of achievements that will push players to their limits. Unlocking some of the more difficult achievements shows that you have space survival in your veins. Now we can all finally see who has the ”ultimate” survival space shooting skills!