Optimizing 3d models and their dynamics in Ace Omicron

Posted in Developer Blog by proratta
15 Mar 2010

We’ve recently been spending time optimizing 3d models and their dynamics for ACE Omicron. It’s a fun but challenging part of the project.

It’s ultimately a two-fold process:

  • Part 1 is modifying the polygons and textures to making the environment and its objects look the best while maximizing game performance on hardware;
  • Part 2 is enhancing a model utility app that allows us to more easily define specific dynamics of a model when used in-game.

Looking forward to sharing more of the game progress and keeping everyone in the loop as we get closer to release.

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New iPad game in the works

Posted in Developer Blog by proratta
10 Feb 2010

Just wanted to share that we have a new iPad game in the works. It’s an awesome 3D action/adventure game especially suited for the touch dynamics and screen size of the iPad. We are having a blast developing it so far and can’t wait to share it with everyone! In addition to the fun and dynamic gameplay, it’ll also have a really cool global leader board and achievement system. We look forward to sharing more information as development progresses. (On a final note, we also plan that the game will have backward compatibility for current iPhone and iPod touch users.)

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Submitted new version of Touch Attack for iPod touch and iPhone

Posted in Developer Blog, News by proratta
10 Nov 2009

We submitted a new free version of Touch Attack to the Apple iTunes Store. Let’s cross our fingers on a speedy approval.

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"Touch Attack! Games" was submitted to Apple

Posted in Developer Blog by proratta
19 Jan 2009

Our upcoming iPhone arcade game “Touch Attack! Games” was submitted to Apple. Yahoo! This was a wonderful milestone for us. Now we just need to wait for Apple to approve it and it’ll be available from the iTunes store. Once it’s approved we’ll be posting a press release and you’ll be able to link to the game from our site.

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