DevNotes — The Core Console

Posted in Developer Blog by anotherjake
7 Dec 2010

One major challenge I have encountered in this foray into cross-platform development has been getting consistent debugging and analysis information. Doing this on one platform can be tough enough, but when doing it across different platforms, there aren’t many consistent tools or standards.

Summarizing my needs:
1) I need consistent, fast text output for debugging.
2) I need clear messages from my program which indicate what went wrong.
3) I would like some kind of performance profiling tool, to measure what parts are too slow, so I can optimize them.
4) I would like to have some idea about what my RAM usage is, to help spot memory leaks.

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Angry Video Game Nerd signs El Ballo promo card

Posted in News by gatti
4 Dec 2010

Just thought I’d share some silly fun stuff. The Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe) and Mike Matei of signed a promo card of our retro Mac game El Ballo! Retro gamers…UNITE!!

- Casey

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